Have you ever noticed that our products have such unique names? Polaris, Aludra, Capella, Sirius – they’re all based on star names. With our products, you experience that outdoor feeling optimally. You’re not only extending the outdoor season but can also spend time outdoors until late hours. While you enjoy after-dinner conversations, marvel at the starry sky shining above you. The underlying idea is probably crystal clear by now.

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Star facts

All those product names based on stars are great, but what do they actually mean? It’s high time to get all the facts straight.

Aludra facts:

  • The Aludra is a bright star in the constellation Ursa Major;
  • It is a blue-colored and very bright star;
  • The star can be seen with the naked eye, so you don’t need a telescope;
  • The distance to Earth is 1957 light years.

Image: Big Dog

Sirius facts:

  • Sirius is the brightest star in the sky after the Sun;
  • This star is part of the constellation Ursa Major;
  • The star is almost twice as bright as Canopus, the brightest star after it.

Image: Sirius (brightest ster)

Polaris facts:

  • Polaris is another name for the North Star;
  • Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Major;
  • The North Star is relatively easy to see. This fact has made this star a boon to travelers in the Northern Hemisphere, both by land and sea. Finding the North Star means knowing the direction north;
  • In addition, the Polaris is famous for another reason. It is known for barely moving while the other stars orbit around it.

Image: Little Dipper and North Star (Polaris)

Capella facts:

  • Capella is a double star. A double star is two stars that move around each other but appear like one star to the eye;
  • It is the brightest star in the constellation Carter;
    The name Capella means goat;
  • Just below Capella there are another set of faint stars. These are the little goats with which the Carter is sitting on his arm.

Image: Starry sky

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