The first Tuesday of September is Sustainable Tuesday. On this special day, sustainable ideas and initiatives get a platform in the political scene in The Hague. But how sustainable is a roof, actually?

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Sustainability, why is that so important?

Sustainability protects our natural environment and ecological and human health. In addition, sustainability stimulates innovation and at the same time we try not to endanger our way of life. It is therefore extremely important to promote sustainability, so that the environment is preserved in all its splendor.

Naturally, we think it is important that our patio covers guarantee sustainability. Today we would like to tell you more about this.

Is a roof sustainable?

How durable a canopy is depends entirely on the quality of the materials used. When using a wooden roof, the choice of wood must certainly contribute to sustainability. If painting is also required, it is wise to choose a type of paint that has as little impact on the environment as possible. Nowadays, sustainable paint is becoming increasingly available. Or opt for a glass roof or a polycarbonate canopy.

Glass sliding wall

At Bella Vista we only use high-quality aluminum for the sliding glass walls. The bottom rail is anodized, making these walls very durable.


Good insulation promotes living comfort, saves on energy bills and is also better for the environment. Where in the past installing a sliding glass wall could cause a draft in the house, nowadays you no longer have to worry about this. Our glass sliding walls are available in 10 millimeter thick safety glass and can be equipped with draft brushes. This makes nasty draughty glass walls a thing of the past!


With our polycarbonate canopies you are in the right place in terms of sustainability. Polycarbonate is twice as light and no less than 250 times as strong as regular glass. It is therefore a popular glass replacement for good reason. Polycarbonate has a long lifespan and the plates are also recyclable. Finally, it has a great ability to retain heat.

Enjoy even longer

By choosing a patio cover made of sustainable materials, you can enjoy the outdoors indoors or indoor life outdoors without any worries. So don’t skimp on the choice of materials, because using sustainable materials will make your canopy last considerably longer. This way there are only winners: the environment, your living enjoyment and your wallet!



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